BANDABARDO’ @Gavorrano 2 agosto 2015


Between songs and dances, including sweat and smiles upon the completion of his twenty-first birthday, the Tuscan band closes the suitcase and leave for his journey beloved, to perform in the dimension that is most congenial, that live. Dates: March 20 Modugno (Ba), Demodè23 March Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Club Pin Up2 August Gavorrano (Gr), Theatre of the Rocks Maybe some remember her and love her especially for her contagious joy, probably others will be enchanted by the rhythm of His songs, others will dream about the poetic verses of the songs more sentimental; certainly “The unlikely tour” of Bandabardò is ready to meet and greet the public bardò around its biggest celebration: the concert. With 20 years in business and more than 1000 concerts Bandabardò can say with good reason one of the most vital live band in Italy so that their SKY Art has dedicated a documentary film for twenty years: “Bandabardò – An Italian mystery” of / with Lucarelli, and continue replicas.